Born on 12, February 1979, in İzmir.


Istanbul, Turkey



Turkish, English

My natural grasp of design fundamentals enables me to take part in various projects. I design characters for games or brands. I conceptualize ideas and design promotional products, package designs and structures for creative teams.

My ability to visualize in 3D and my endless curiosity of how things work, has led me to become a hybrid of an engineer and an artist.

I was raised by a fighter pilot so I have a natural interest in all things related. I design unique airplanes to be built as radio controlled models. I spend hours building plastic scale models, radio controlled scale crawlers. And when I discover more time on my hands, I conceptualize and design architectural projects, cartoon characters and industrial products.

In this page, you'll find some of my personal ideas and designs.

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Character Design
Product Design
Architectural Design
Aviation Design
Scale Crawlers